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The farm is located in the centre of Banstead; it is a 38 acre small holding. It has all been securely fenced and is home to my small flock of sheep, chickens, several pigs, and horses. All livestock are kept in suitably fenced, dog-proof paddocks. There is a communal area for the dogs to have a rest or to sunbathe. In inclement weather there is an indoor area for them to keep dry should they choose to.

If you have any questions at all or would like to meet us in view of looking after your dog, please do give us a call or send an e-mail.

Moya Hayward

T: 01737 356600 or M: 07941 327764

E: ramblingpooches1@gmail.com

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Rambling Pooches was set up by myself,  Moya Hayward, in 2001 in leafy Surrey, on a wonderful 38 acre smallholding. I wanted to provide dog walking services, as I felt that there was a need for people who had to be away from their pets but still wanted them to be exercised.


From this, it became apparent that there was a need for holiday care as an alternative to boarding kennels or an agency service where the dogs were handed to others to care for.


This has grown into a thriving family business, and I am joined by my son Josh to offer an exceptional pet care service with a wealth of experience, as testified by our many happy human and canine clients...


"My name is Blue and I am a beautiful Weimaraner dog. Moya has looked after me since I was 4 months old, I am now 3 and a half. When I first met Moya I was a bit of a jumper but after that meeting Moya helped me to understand that jumping up was not acceptable behaviour and I have never done it again!

Click here to hear more about my story when I stay with Moya when my family go on holiday.........and for some more testimonials